About us

Our Principals

XLT International Electronics Company Limited— XLT is one of the fast moving company and are in the field of Soldering Robots/Environment Friendly soldering stations , Adhesive Tape management products, Screw-feeders . Aligned with them we are making efforts to provide you the bets products from our principals with after sales supports from Harshatech. www.cmr888.com

Kingsom Technologies Company Limited—Basically Kingsom is

Manufacturer and the OEM Production company . We can arrange any product from our Principals from the Local China market with better pricing. There product line-up is very big and we can give you a best source of all PCB assembly Materials from them. Off course Harshatech will provide you the after sale supports.

Shenzhen Microcosm Controller Technology Co. Ltd.

The Company has been focusing on cleaning and protecting the operated objectives under special working environment. It strictly controls the working environment and the pollutant source and stops the operated objectives as much as possible from being contaminated by dirt particle, bacteria contamination, static mischief, discomfort because of warmness and dampness and so on.

ESD Clean-room Consumable Like ESD Gloves /Sticky mats/Wipes/Swabs.

Shenzhen Earlysun Technology co,Ltd- Earlysun are the Manufactures for the Solder Consumables and LED Silicones Adhesives .They are the Manufacturer for the Solder paste/Flux Paste/Silicones and SMT Adhesives.

Soldering Bits From Our Sources-

Many more types of tips for Soldering Stations and Apollo and Japan Unix solder Robots. Electric Screwdrivers and Bits from Sudong.